Mundy, at Black Cat, Washington DC.

Mundy, A New Wave Soul Band

The Beginning of Mundy:

Mundy is an new wave soul band from Washington DC. While working in the field of theater, during the beginning of 2014. She decided to switch to the field of music. Exploring different multi faceted medium’s of self expression, visual and performing arts. Moving to beats, soaring vocals, upbeat and engaging. Music has always been at the core objective that feeds my inner soul. Creating music that is unlike anything out, with inspirations by many types of music, creating something new.

Mundy Progression:

Taking people thru a wild musical journey, with music and philosophy of life are about inclusivity, which includes art forms and all people. Viewing what I am doing as performance art, wanting the experience we are providing to engage all of the senses. Important to me, challenging hetero normative gender roles with my style and words, promoting sexually empowerment, for everyone.

The Mundy Live Experience:

With me not knowing anything about the band to start with. I was wondering how the show was going to go. I was pleasantly surprised with the show, dark and edgy, with a punky rock feel, with a little bit of soul instilled. Mundy and crew played for around 45 minutes, playing 7 songs, which are originals. The band members look very laid back, but that changed, once the show started. They took command of the stage, enticing the crowd the whole time.

Mundy Musicians are:

  • Mundy on Vocals
  • Kwesi on Guitar / Vocals / Keyboards
  • Eric on Guitar
  • Donovan on Drums
  • Jason on Bass
  • Jarrell on Bass

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Live Video Playlist: of Mundy, at Black Cat in Washington DC on 11/09/2019. Video’s may have sound and or focus issue’s do to the nature of the shows.

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Set List for Mundy, at Black Cat Show on 11/09/2019

Set List 1

  • Sway
  • High
  • Hello
  • Just My Type
  • I’ll Protect Ya
  • Running Back
  • More Than Friends

We copied the set list prior or during the show, sometimes song’s will be added and deleted as the show goes on. We will attempt to update if it is changed.

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About Black Cat Washington DC:

Black Cat is located near 14th and U Street, in the heart of Washington DC. The area features plenty of bars, clubs, nightlife, hotels, shopping, and restaurants. The Black Cat has a look, from the outside as a run down dilapidated, dirty old build. But to your SURPRISE once you enter. It looks nice, clean and a great small venue.

Black Cat Amenities:

When you enter Black Cat, go upstairs, there is a bar room just to the left, with a small but fully stocked bar with, assortment of craft-brews, imports, and a nice selection of bourbon and scotch. Challenge your friends to a game of darts, play pinball, or select some tunes on our astonishingly good jukebox in a laid-back, informal atmosphere.

Black Cat, the main stage floor consists of a 7000 square-foot room, with a large bar, high-quality, professional sound, some seating, great sight lines, and a rock club atmosphere unparalleled in DC. Having featured national acts, local bands, monthly DJ dance events. Hosting some of the best underground/alternative acts that DC has to offer.

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I had the chance to video the show in it’s entirety from in front of the stage. For video’s we used the Sony HDR TD10, which is a 3d 1080p camcorder, shows are recorder on 2d, utilizing a Zoom H6 Pro Audio Recorder/Microphone. We utilize the Zoom H6 audio recorder to record the audio from the entire show.

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