Fellowcraft, at Black Cat, Washington DC.

Fellowcraft, The Awesome Indie-Blues Rock Band

The Beginning of Fellowcraft:

Fellowcraft is an Indie-Blues Rock band from Washington DC. It’s a growing process, and the more we play, the better we get at it. As far as what we sound like, well… We’re in a complicated relationship with our sound, because we don’t want to be boxed in to any one type of music or genre to the detriment of the song. That said, we tend to fall back on indie, blues, and grunge rock genres in the majority of our songs.

Jon Ryan think the only thing that drives us in the music scene is passion, our love for performing, and songwriting. The Fellow Craft, being a speculative term for a Stonemason learning their craft, kind of plays into that, I think. We enjoy what we do, and we enjoy doing it with the rest of the scene.

Fellowcraft Progression:

We do our best to stay progressive and relevant by touching on subjects that are personal to us. At any given Fellowcraft show you’re going to hear songs that we hope will lift our community up, encourage personal well being, and inspire our friends and coworkers.

We take a lot of care and pride in crafting the message of each song, so we hope people take something away from the lyrics as well as enjoying the music. That’s why we tend to write about poignant issues of our time like gun violence, untimely death, or homelessness while also trying to lift our audiences up with undertones of hope, solidarity, and love.

Fellowcraft EP’s and Albums:

Fellowcraft debut the EP, Singles in March of 2015, followed by the first record, Get Up Young Phoenix was released worldwide on New Years Day, 2016. Their third release and most recent record, aptly titled Three was released in September of 2018. Its first single, Hold the Line, won the Washington Area Music Award for Best Rock Song of 2019. Their latest single, Glimmer of Faith, produced by Tonio Ruiz, was released worldwide August 30, 2019. They hope to complete the newest record in the winter of 2020.

The Fellowcraft Live Experience:

The band played for around 45 minutes, playing 9 songs, which are Fellowcraft Originals. The band members are very energetic and enthused to be on the stage performing. With some hopping, jumping around and jammin all the time.

Fellowcraft Musicians are:

  • Jon Ryan on Vocals and Guitar
  • Pablo Anton on Guitar and Vocals
  • Brandon Williams on Bass and Vocals
  • Zach Marin on Drums

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Live Video Playlist: of Fellowcraft Band, at Black Cat in Washington DC on 11/09/2019. Video’s may have sound and or focus issue’s do to the nature of the shows.

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Set List for Fellowcraft, at Black Cat Show on 11/09/2019

Set List 1

  • Proliferation Nation
  • Get Up Young Phoenix
  • Guanajuato
  • Glass Houses
  • Stonehearted
  • Glimmer of Faith
  • Diamond Girl
  • Hold the Line
  • The Last Great Scotsman

We copied the set list prior or during the show, sometimes song’s will be added and deleted as the show goes on. We will attempt to update if it is changed.

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About Black Cat Washington DC:

Black Cat is located near 14th and U Street, in the heart of Washington DC. The area features plenty of bars, clubs, nightlife, hotels, shopping, and restaurants. The Black Cat has a look, from the outside as a run down dilapidated, dirty old build. But to your SURPRISE once you enter. It looks nice, clean and a great small venue.

Black Cat Amenities:

When you enter Black Cat, go upstairs, there is a bar room just to the left, with a small but fully stocked bar with, assortment of craft-brews, imports, and a nice selection of bourbon and scotch. Challenge your friends to a game of darts, play pinball, or select some tunes on our astonishingly good jukebox in a laid-back, informal atmosphere.

Black Cat, the main stage floor consists of a 7000 square-foot room, with a large bar, high-quality, professional sound, some seating, great sight lines, and a rock club atmosphere unparalleled in DC. Having featured national acts, local bands, monthly DJ dance events. Hosting some of the best underground/alternative acts that DC has to offer.

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