Go Go Gadjet, at Tally Ho Theater, Leesburg VA.

Go Go Gadjet:

The past 10 years, Go Go Gadjet has made the road their home. A never ending schedule of dates along the East coast has led to the creation of a finely honed entertainment machine. They are the trend setters and their show is the definition of “epic.”

With the band being comprised of schooled and seasoned musicians, Go Go Gadjet is a burst of electric funk carried on the back of a thundering juggernaut of searing rock. They are the pulsing hypnotic thump of EDM, intertwined among the staccato tattoo of hip hop. They know no genre, they know no bounds …. they know but one thing: The complete satisfaction of their legion of supportive fans, and the staggered speechless masses brought nightly.

Blending the rhythms of dance music with familiar melodies from the past and present, Go Go Gadjet straddles the line between band and DJ like few others.  Their innovative combination of traditional instruments with modern synths and controllers has allowed them to craft a sound and presentation that is uniquely their own.  

Stage Setting’s

In addition to their cutting edge musical experience, the band offers unmatched lighting and production. This conceptual visual landscape, enhances the music and taps into additional senses of the audience. It separates Go Go Gadjet’s show from their peers and elevates them to a National Act level. The band believes that imagery and music go hand in hand. With their careful thought and planning, Go Go Gadjet works to create captivating visuals that complement and enhance the live experience. There aim is to provide an audio/visual escape.


Go Go Gadjet has played in every setting : Corporate Events – Private Parties – Weddings – Bar / Bat Mitzvah – Private Birthday Celebrations – Etc. They have been the headliner of the Red Robin Festival the past two years playing to crowds of 7500. They perform annually at Shamrock Fest DC (RFK Stadium) and Running of the Santa’s (Electric Factory Philadelphia). Highlights include Big Night DC for NYE, Preakness Infield fest, a performance in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and countless other massive events. They are considered the premier cover and “shore” band in the Northeast Region and beyond.


2014 also brought the introduction of “ESCAPE” – A completely immersive musical / visual experience. It is a two hour show of unrivaled proportion. Reviews of this new show have been stellar. The Go Go Gadjet evolution and musical revolution. In 2017, Go Go Gadjet partnered with Coors Light to promote their debut single “Make You Feel Good.” The Coors Light #ClimbOn campaign featured up and coming artists who have overcome challenges and obstacles in pursuit of their passion. This partnership has helped push the band’s Spotify streaming totals to well over 200,000.  

Coverage information, about the band and its members, comes from a variety of source’s. These source’s include questions to the band, the band members, their website and other other internet sites.

The Stage Presence:

Go Go Gadjet, played around 3 hour or so, with a short intermission. They engaged with the audience thru out the entire show. Several times members got down in the photo pit area and fist bumped, enticing the crowd to sign along and be a real part of the show. All of the band members, took time out after the show, signing autographs and engaging with fans. Go Go Gadjet is one of the best band I have seen that really puts on a great show, with lots of high energy.

Go Go Gadjet Musicians are:

  • Jeff –
  • Rayvon –
  • Mike – Drums
  • Nate –
  • Schwartz –

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Live Video Playlist: of Go Go Gadjet at Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg VA on 3/06/2020. Video’s may have sound and or focus issue’s, and crowd noise and offensive language, do to the nature of the shows.

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Live Audio Playlist: of Go Go Gadjet, at Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg Virginia on 3/06/2020. Audio may have sound issue’s do to the nature of the shows. We recorded the shows audio, and have posted a few songs.

Set List for Go Go Gadjet, Tally Ho Theater Show on 3/06/2020

Set List 1

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The set list is provided by the band, or venue prior to or during the show. Importantly as the show goes on, song’s can be added or deleted. We will attempt to update if it is changed.

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About Tally Ho Theater:

Tally Ho Theater is in Leesburg Virginia. Located around 30 miles west of Washington DC. Leesburg features plenty of shopping and restaurants. The Tally Ho Theater is a old movie theater, converted to a concert venue. The stage is around 30 by 40 ft, and appears to work for most all bands and shows. In my opinion the Tally Ho Theater is a great venue to see your favorite band.

Tally Ho Theater Amenities:

With a capacity around 750 standing, 350 for a sitting show. Some bar stool seating, with high top tables on the floor for certain shows. With a few small tables near the bars, all seats fill up quickly. The balcony above the main floor that has tables and a separate bar as VIP Seating. Tally Ho Theater features 4 full service bars, serving beer, wine and mixed drinks. The food menu includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, fries and beverages. You can park at the The Town Of Leesburg Virginia, municipal parking garage located next door, it is free any time after 7 pm and weekends.

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Photography Equipment Used:

I had the chance to photograph and video songs in it’s entirety from the pit area in front of the stage, with the crowd and the upstairs balcony area. For the photos we used Nikon D850 Body, with a Tamron 28-75 F2.8, Tamron 70-200 F2.8, Nikon 200-400 F4.

Video and Audio Equipment Used:

For video’s, we used the Sony A7R IV Mirror Less Body, recording at 1080p, utilizing a Zoom H6 Pro Audio Recorder / Microphone. We utilize a second Zoom H6 audio recorder to record the audio from the entire show.

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