Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington DC, Concert and Show Photography & Video Rates

Basic terms for live performances, concerts and show photography & video in the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington DC area.

Expectations of the Band:

The Band must secure permission for a photographer (venue dependent). This includes being on the list, plus one. Performing at a venue, that you would expect to have reasonable space, sound and lighting for the quality of photos expected. We prefer to have access to the entire show, not just the 1st (3) songs.

Expectations of Jeffrey Vogt Photography:

JeffreyVogtPhotography.Com will make every effort possible, to have photos and or video of each band member and of the whole stage (dependent on venue size), meaning that musician is the primary subject of the photos and videos. Quality of images is dependent on venue, stage lighting. Low light shots can be acceptable, and preferable.

Photography, Video & Audio Equipment Used:

For Photography, we shoot with pro grade Nikon DSLR Full Frame D850’s or similar cameras, with a variety of Nikon, Tamron and Sigma lens based on the event.

For Video, we shoot with a Sony HDR-TD10 camcorder, Sony A7r IV, Nikon D850 or a D7200 depending on the event. Depending on the venue and lighting, will depend on what equipment we will use. All videos are mic’d by a Zoom H6Pro audio recorder.

For Audio, we use a Zoom H6Pro audio recorder on camera for all video and place a second unit in the venue to catch the entire show. These units can be direct connected to most sound boards if desired for the cleanest recording.

Photography, Video and Audio Postings by Jeffrey Vogt Photography:

For Photography, we publish edited photography on on our site including a short write up on the show. This will including links to the bands website and social media sites if available. A Complete gallery of photos posted on JVPGalleries.Com, which is our main gallery site. We will publish some images on our Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook pages with tags/links to band.

For Videos, we will post them on our YouTube channel. We may publish some video clips on our Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook pages with tags/links to band.

For Audio, Jeffrey Vogt Photography may publish edited audio files on site as a single file or playlist format with multiple songs within the coverage of your show.

Extra Information:

With a typical show of 1.5 hour performance, we will shot around 250 + shots. Of these we will edit and keep 200 +/- images. Some shows will have over 500 images. If limited to the first few songs, there will be less quantity of photos. Images are high quality files ready for re-use in print or online. Sometimes images maybe soft in focus and or not centered, that will be compelling to use. Band members closer to the front of the stage, or in better light, will be more prominent in the photography. Videos will be shot with one camera only, unless special request are made ahead of time and a second shooter is available. Special request for green room, sound check / rehearsal, we will make every effort to accomplish them. We are available nation wide, rates dependent on availability / location.

Jeffrey Vogt Photography Rate Info:

Within the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington DC area, typically JeffreyVogtPhotography.Com charge is free. The free charge, is dependent upon the show, and our schedule. We require to be on the list with a photo pass, plus one.

PHOTOS, you can purchase a entire gallery in original full size images for $179.99 . Smaller size videos are available, please inquire for pricing. Images will contain a small watermark located in the bottom right corner. We can discuss pricing for images without the watermark.

VIDEOS, most of the videos will be HD 1080p, some will be shot in 4K depending on event. you can download Full HD 1920 x 1080 or 4K if available, for $30.99. Smaller size video formats are available, please inquire for pricing. Videos will have a watermark including information show here. ( SONG NAME by BAND NAME at VENUE NAME, EVENT DATE, Video by JeffreyVogtPhotography.Com)

This watermark will be located on the lowest center portion of the video. Ask about a quantity discount for multiple video files.

AUDIO, songs are recorded in the MP3 format, 256kbps or higher in resolution. Recordings in other formats are available upon request prior to show. You can download a single song for $3.99 as a MP3 220kbps to 256kbps. Ask about a quantity discount for multiple audio files.

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