Carbon Leaf, at Tally Ho Theater, Leesburg VA.

Carbon Leaf The Start:

Carbon Leaf started out at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia in 1992, practicing in an auditorium on campus. Then moving on to playing backyard parties, mixers, fraternity, and sorority parties. Shortly after everyone graduated, they moved to Richmond, Virginia. They played the college circuit in Virginia and along the East Coast before moving on to clubs.

Carbon Leaf History:

Between 1992 and 2004, they released a variety of albums, with Meander being released in 1995, followed by Shadows in the Banquet Hall. Ether Electrified Porch Music in 1999. Echo Echo in 2001 with winning the American Music Award for song The Boxers.

During 2004 to 2010, Carbon Leaf signed with Vanguard Records. Releasing the album Indian Summer In the spring of 2004. 2006 brought the release of Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat. In 2009 they released Nothing Rhymes with Woman.

2010 to present, they left Vanguard Records. They released How the West was One in July 2010, followed by a second live album being released in early 2011 titled Live, Acoustic And in CinemaScope. Constellation Prize was digitally released via their website in 2013. 2014 brought the release of Indian Summer Revisited. In 2015 and 2016 they repeated the tactic of re releasing Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat and Nothing Rhymes with Woman. In 2018 their 25th anniversary releasing The Gathering.

Coverage information, about the band and its members, comes from a variety of source’s. These source’s include questions to the band, the band members, their website and other other internet sites.

The Stage Presence:

Carbon Leaf, played around 2 hour and 15 minutes or so, and a quick encore. All of the band members, took time out after the show, signing autographs and engaging with fans.

Carbon Leaf Musicians are:

  • Barry Privett – Vocals – Guitar
  • Carter Gravatt – Guitar
  • Jon Markel – Bass Guitar
  • Terry Clark – Guitar
  • Jesse Humphrey – Drums

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Live Video Playlist: of Carbon Leaf at Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg VA on 2/29/2020. Video’s may have sound and or focus issue’s, and crowd noise and offensive language, do to the nature of the shows.

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Live Audio Playlist: of Carbon Leaf, at Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg Virginia on 2/29/2020. Audio may have sound issue’s do to the nature of the shows. We recorded the shows audio, and have posted a few songs.

Set List for Carbon Leaf, Tally Ho Theater Show on 2/29/2020

Set List 1

  • Gift’s From The Crows
  • What About Everything
  • Changeless
  • One Prairie Outpost
  • Come Sunday Morning
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Home
  • Blue Ridge Laughing
  • Life Less Ordinary
  • Ragtime Carnival
  • Learn To Fly
  • Paloma
  • The War Was In Color
  • Another Man’s Woman
  • Comfort
  • When I’m Alone
  • The Boxer
  • The Donnybrook Affair


  • Let Your Trouble’s By
  • Two Aging Trucker’s

The set list is provided by the band, or venue prior to or during the show. Importantly as the show goes on, song’s can be added or deleted. We will attempt to update if it is changed.

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About Tally Ho Theater:

Tally Ho Theater is in Leesburg Virginia. Located around 30 miles west of Washington DC. Leesburg features plenty of shopping and restaurants. The Tally Ho Theater is a old movie theater, converted to a concert venue. The stage is around 30 by 40 ft, and appears to work for most all bands and shows. In my opinion the Tally Ho Theater is a great venue to see your favorite band.

Tally Ho Theater Amenities:

With a capacity around 750 standing, 350 for a sitting show. Some bar stool seating, with high top tables on the floor for certain shows. With a few small tables near the bars, all seats fill up quickly. The balcony above the main floor that has tables and a separate bar as VIP Seating. Tally Ho Theater features 4 full service bars, serving beer, wine and mixed drinks. The food menu includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, fries and beverages. You can park at the municipal parking garage located next door, it is free any time after 7 pm and weekends.

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Photography Equipment Used:

I had the chance to photograph and video songs in it’s entirety from the pit area in front of the stage, with the crowd and the upstairs balcony area. For the photos we used Nikon D850 Body, with a Tamron 28-75 F2.8, Tamron 70-200 F2.8, Nikon 200-400 F4.

Video and Audio Equipment Used:

For video’s, we used the Sony A7R IV Mirror Less Body, recording at 1080p, utilizing a Zoom H6 Pro Audio Recorder / Microphone. We utilize a second Zoom H6 audio recorder to record the audio from the entire show.

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