Zepparella, All Female Led Zeppelin Tribute Band at City Winery DC, Washington DC

What a great show, and venue. I photographed the entire show, and videoed several songs from various locations. For the photos, I used the Nikon D850 Body, with a Tamron 70-200 F 2.8. For the video, I used a Sony HDR TD-10 camcorder.

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Live Video Playlist: of Zepparella, All Female Led Zeppelin Tribute Band at the City Winery DC in Washington DC on 4/25/2019.

About Zepparella: Bio info Taken from Wikipedia

Zepparella is an all-female American hard rock tribute band. They were founded and formed in 2005. Based out of San Francisco California by the band’s drummer Clementine.

Zepparella Band Members:

  • Anna Kristina – Vocals
  • Gretchen Menn – Guitar
  • Holly West – Bass
  • Clementine – Drums

Zepparella released a self-titled 10-song studio album in 2014, and three live albums.

  • Live at 19 Broadway in 2005
  • A Pleasing Pounding on What Are Records? in 2010
  • Live at Sweetwater in 2016.

The band produced two videos.

With the first one released in 2010. The song titled, When the Levee Breaks. Currently it has over 13 million YouTube views. Dazed and Confused released in 2012, it has over 1 million YouTube views.

Steve Vai performed with Zepparella at the Malibu Guitar Festival on May 19, 2017

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