Leo and Cygnus at Pie Shop DC, Washington DC.

What a awesome show, and great venue. I had the chance to photograph the show using the Nikon D850 Body, with a Tamron 70-200 F 2.8 and a Tamron 28-75 F2.8.

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Live Video of the Leo and Cygnus at the Pie Shop DC, in Washington DC on 4/11/2019.

About Leo and Cygnus:

[lee-oh and sig-nuh s]

Born in the Anne Arundel Community College music room, Leo & Cygnus began in early October 2013. Leo & Cygnus is an indie-fusion style blending collective of creativity. They fuse elements of their passions in music and art to create a re imagined ethereal sound and look of their own. They are on a style spectrum somewhere between the different flavors of indie-rock and singer-songwriter genres. The name Leo & Cygnus translates from Latin to mean, “Lion & Swan.”

Places Leo and Cygnus have played:

Leo & Cygnus frequently performs in the DelMarVa area, and have played in festivals/venues such as: Eastport A Rockin’, Takoma Park Folk Festival, Artscape, Frozen Harbor Festival, Ram’s Head Live, World Café Live, Tellus360, Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge & many more! After having launched their debut album “Scorpius” on July 2015, Leo & Cygnus released their new EP “Sagittarii” on December 2018. Find all of their music, including their new singles “Sometimes” and “Machina” on all online media streaming platforms.

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