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Jeffrey Vogt Photography is located approximatly 20 miles north of Washington DC. in Montgomery Village Maryland. Jeffrey has been involved in photography for over 30 years. During this time Jeffrey has worked with several national magazines and book publisher. Take the time to look over the about us page to see some of his credits and work history, you can also review his past and current equipment.

Jeffrey Vogt has been invloved in the field of photography for over 30 years. During this time, he has photographed a variety of subjects.

Over the years Jeffrey Vogt has been involved in a wide variety of scenic, floral, wildlife and pet photos for several magazine and book publishers. School portraits, yearbooks and events (proms and dances), Youth Little League organizations with memberships ranging from 50 to and over 1000, providing both individual and team photos, executives portraits, product photos for sale ad and brouchers, for the real estate side, architectural exteriors and major interior spreads for custom home builders. Jeffrey also did several years as a freelance photographer on the Nascar Winston Cup Circuit under the direction of several national sponsors, national magazines, book publishers and trading card companies, with numerous magazine covers, book photos and trading cards to his credit. Within the Fashion industry, worked with several agencies on the East Coast, doing test shoots and promo work.

Jeffrey Vogt Photography Past and Present Equipment:

My camera selections over the last 30 years has evolved. Jeffrey started out fumbling around with a Vivatar 110 in elementary school, and progressed to a Canon AE1 to newer state of the art, I switched to Minolta AF camera's as they debut. Over the years, I have owned several Minolta 7000, 8000i, 7xi, Maxxum 9xi and Maxxum 9, Maxxum 7D digital bodies, then moving into the Sony A700 digital bodies. Len's selections range from 17 MM wide angle, 24 MM wide angle, 24-50 MM wide angle zoom, 28 MM wide angle, 28-70 MM wide angle zoom, 35-80 MM zoom, 70-200 MM zoom, 80-200 MM zoom, 100-200 MM zoom, 100-300 MM zoom, 100-400 MM zoom, 135 MM Telephoto, 300 MM Telephoto, 500 MM Telephoto, 50 Macro, 90 Macro and 200 Macro.

Near the end of 2010 Jeffrey made the switch to Mikons, based on friends recommendations and some loaners from a friend. Jeffrey purchased a pair of the D7000 and a couple of lenes to start with, and has progressed from there to have upgraded several times over with D7100 digital, D7200 and now a pair of D750 bodies, along with 10 MM wide angle, 18 105 MM zoom, 55-200 MM zoom, 24-70 MM wide angle zoom, 70-200 MM zoom, 80-400 MM zoom, 120-300 MM zoom, 300 MM Telephoto, 500 MM Telephoto, 60 Macro. Lighting include Paul C Buff, with several of each White Lightings 5000's and 10000's, and the newer version of the White Lighting Ultra Zap units, utilizing a variety of barndoors, soft boxes, reflectors and umbrellas. Backgrounds range from seamless paper, muslim, and also canvas painted in a variety of styles and length

Over the years, Jeffrey has own a wide variety of 2 1/4 cameras including Twin Lens Yashica Mat 124g, Mamiya 645, Mamiya RB67 with a variety of lens and several 4x5 view cameras.

We work with new and established male and female models, any race, age 15 to 18 with parental permission, 18 and older. Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Glamour and more. We can provide studio or on location photography, contact us for details.

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